Did Frank Ntilikina play his last season at the Knicks?

It’s no secret that Scott Perry isn’t Frank Ntilikina‘s biggest fan, and if the 2019-20 season never ended, Frank could have played his last game as Knick. The new president Leon Rose could make some moves to shake the roster during the offseason, which Ntilikina could find on the commercial block.

While Ntilikina was once represented by the Rose agency, he launched the CAA for a French agent last season. In the meantime, Elfrid Payton has a supporter to Scott Perry, he played relatively well last season and could return to a deal favorable to the team, whether the team decides to guarantee the $ 8 million owed on its current contract, or whether it succeeds. to conclude a new contract.

No modern Knicks player has been debated with more fervor than Frank Ntilikina. His likely departure will be a great topic of discussion for fans too.