Dejounte Murray could become a Knicks prospect

The Knicks’ and the league’s biggest prospect between now and the trade deadline appears to be Murray, Atlanta’s running mate next to Trae Young. The pair hasn’t seen much success in two seasons, and the Hawks could look to restructure around other core names.

Murray won’t settle into a bench role and would have an Anunoby-style All-Star cost. For good reason: Murray is averaging 21.2 points, 4.6 rebounds and five assists on 50.5 percent two-point shooting and 39.4 percent three-point shooting this season.

Despite his recent regression in that regard, he has a lot of defensive upside, which is why Atlanta thought he would be a good fit next to their defenseless flamethrower.

Would the result be better in New York? That’s a risk their front office will have to evaluate, but if they move him there are plenty of less disruptive options to pursue.