Davis Bertans possible player in the future of the Knicks

While Davis Bertans has been invited to return to play in Orlando with the Washington Wizards, the powerful forward shot has decided to present itself as a preventive measure. The 27-year-old has recovered from two ACL injuries and is not looking to take any risks with a possible long-term contract on the horizon.

Bertans made $ 7 million last season and hopes to earn a lot more on the open market, although it is difficult to predict what the free agency will be after a championship year influenced by both a partnership crisis with China and coronavirus pandemic.

As reported from DailyKnicks, although the Knicks have not been officially linked to Bertans, they are reportedly looking for an attacker who can shoot basketball, and certainly can. A career shooter of 41.1% from the center, Bertans converted 42.4% of his three-point shots this season, while making a massive 8.7 attempts per game.

The Knicks will have plenty of room to attract a new Latvian shooter who will play Madison Square Garden next season, but the Mages have their bird rights so they can eventually offer him the bigger contract. If it isn’t priced too high, it could be a fascinating addition to Leon Rose.