Cole Anthony: “The Knicks? It would be fine”

The potential NBA Draft candidate Cole Anthony was born in Portland, but he is a New York boy with a father who played for the Knicks of the nineties. It is not clear where the Knicks will choose in the next draft, if the team will select Anthony, or where he will eventually fall in the first round, but when asked about the prospect of playing in his hometown, the North Carolina star says he would rather FIG.

“The Knicks? It would be fine, “said Anthony in the Full Court Press podcast published earlier this week.” It would be pretty cool. “

Anthony was asked if he thought of playing in New York, considering his connections to the city.

“The thought definitely crossed my mind,” said Anthony. “It would be nice to be able to play in front of my family, play in front of my little brother. Surely he would have nothing to complain about if that happened. But I would only be happy to be enrolled by any team. Really, it’s not my choice at this point. Honestly, we still don’t know when the draft will be. “