Cole Anthony is a faded Knicks target

The Knicks shouldn’t enlist Cole Anthony if they want a “real” guard.

Last month, Sports Illustrated intertwined a long history of Anthony who grew up with emotional quirks. His ultracompetitiveness on the field led, as one of his youth league coaches said, “The Cole Tantrum”.
Leon Rose said that many players in this draft are seen by scouts with very different opinions. Anthony falls into that category.

Some scouts believe that he is a natural born marker that fits into an era where the point guard has to score more. Anthony’s supporters also believe that having a former NBA veteran as father (Greg Anthony) will prove a huge advantage.

But the UNC closed 14-19, last draw in the ACC. Anthony committed six turnovers in his final – a 81–53 defeat against Syracuse. It is a very risky choice. If the Knicks return to the 7-10 range after the August 25 lottery, it’s probably a simple game.