Chris Paul to the Knicks: it will be a benefit even after his retirement

New York Knicks president Leon Rose is the agent of the former guard officer Chris Paul, and rumors have started circulating about the New York Knicks and Paul.

Chris Paul is still playing basketball for the Thunder while he was nominated for the Western Star All-Star team this year. However, he will be 35 at the end of the 2020-21 season, which means his career is about to end.

If the Knicks were to acquire Chris Paul and become a contender in the playoffs, New York would then become a team that high profile free agents would consider doing, more than we have seen in recent years.

If Paul can help the Knicks get into the playoffs, future free agents and players on the commercial block would notice it.

Even after he retires, players will realize that if a player of the caliber of Paul manages to take the Knicks from the worst team in the league in one season and a playoff team less than two years later, maybe they too can and maybe they can. help the Knicks to take the next step.