Chris Paul: Starting again? Two weeks of training are not enough

There are rumors about the possible return to the field of the NBA, but Chris Paul, president of the NBA Players Association, gives his opinion on the matter. “I’ll tell you right away, even if I don’t think the NBA is thinking about it. But if they tell us: ‘Hey, you have two weeks and then let’s start’, our answer is no. It can’t happen. Whatever the time it takes to lose fit, we will give the League an input, because we are the ones we play – underlines the Oklahoma City Thunder playmaker in a conference call with some media – We cannot put our players at risk of injury because with few training the risk would be even higher than before. It takes at least 3/4 weeks. At the moment we are in a situation where no one knows what will happen. Many times my colleagues ask me ‘Hey, what is the League thinking about doing? What will happen with the playoffs ? What happens to the All-Star Gamè and to give an answer just go to the top, from the commissioner Adam Silver, to get it. But this time it’s not so simple: it’s not that I have the answers and I’m trying to hide them, it’s that really not l and I have”.