Chris Paul represents an opportunity for the Knicks

Once Leon Rose took over as team president, it was easy to connect his “favorite client” from his time to the CAA to the Knicks. Perhaps the most polarizing option for Rose to make his mark on the roster would be to make a deal for 35-year-old guardian Chris Paul, who is expected to earn $ 41.4 million next season and $ 44.2 million the following season.

For many fans, trading with an expensive player after the maximum is the typical Knicks. It would be a sign that, despite a change of leadership and a renewed front office, the bad judgment in the construction of the lists remains.

However, for others, Paul represents an opportunity. While his contract explodes at astronomical heights over the next two years, it is only for two years. The Knicks have a young list with RJ Barrett, Mitchell Robinson and their 2020 lottery pick which offers the strongest case for a traditional rebuild. Rose, with hat specialist Brock Aller, doesn’t have to worry about paying any of those young pieces until Paul’s contract expires.

The ten-time All-Star could bridge the gap from the time the Knicks spent developing their young players until they are ready to compete in the Eastern Conference by offering veteran leadership and a respected spokesperson to show Madison Square Garden as an attractive destination yet?