Chris Paul is the most courted: besides the Knicks are also the Bulls

In NBA, ratings can change quickly, especially when the pitch and performance speak. In the case of Chris Paul, four months of absolute level at the Oklahoma City Thunder were “enough” to transform his team presence from “cumbersome contract that is impossible to get rid of” to “indispensable leader for growing young people and aiming for the playoffs”.

For this reason, OKC itself would be more reluctant to accept a trade right now, despite the fact that in the last few weeks rumors of possible interest from franchises have become more insistent, which could put interesting assets on the plate.

The Thunder hunt for choices and young talents to shape and the New York Knicks – which has been talked about so much in recent days – have something to offer about it. The same can be said in the case of the Chicago Bulls; another of the franchises that came out and that did not hide their interest in Chris Paul.