Chris Paul at the Knicks would be a great asset to rebuilding New York

Chris Paul is one of the main voices of the NBA. It would bring instant credibility to the Knicks locker room. For a young team that hasn’t experienced .500 basketball, not to mention the intensity of the playoffs, Paul would provide a prime example of how to develop winning habits.

While he can be a pain in the ass as a teammate, it’s because he’s demanding. And for a team as young as the Knicks, under the leadership of recently hired manager Tom Thibodeau, his pursuit of perfection may be exactly what they need. Imagine both Thibs and Paul barking at young Knicks players? A little different from the days when David Fizdale acted like their best friend.

Paul has proven he can take on a leadership role on a non-championship-level team in Oklahoma City. Danilo Gallinari called him the best leader I’ve ever played with.

Paul leads his locker room while also acting as president of the Players Association, a role that has escalated due to the pandemic and the recent call for action for social justice. Without a doubt, his leadership skills would be a great asset to rebuilding the Knicks.