Charles Oakley says that Patrick Ewing is unable to handle adversity

With the NBA shivering from the coronavirus pandemic and everyone watching the ESPN / Netflix documentary The Last Dance about the 90s Michael Jordan Bulls teams, one of their toughest opponents, the New York Knicks, is back in head to the headlines, particularly Patrick Ewing, that his former teammate Charles Oakley criticized for not leading the team beyond Jordan in the playoffs.

The Knicks took on the Bulls with Jordan in the lineup during the playoffs five times, and came up short in every match-up. The only time New York advanced in the post-season after Chicago was when they met in 1994, while Michael Jordan was learning to hit a curved ball.

A few weeks ago, Oakley blamed Ewing for the Knicks’ inability to beat Jordan, citing his inability to pass out of the double teams.

Ewing has decided to take the right path in responding to Oakley’s comments, saying that he still loves him as a teammate and everyone has the right to his own opinion.

Ewing and Oakley were teammates for ten seasons in New York, joining an NBA championship game in 1994.

“There are many things that people have seen what happened in the Garden and never say anything. I said things, “said Oakley.” Stuff was said at the time. Mason said things, I said things, Chris Childs said things. Many people said things. But now they were afraid to talk. So that’s what which is”.

“I played with Patrick for ten years, I saw a lot of weakness. It’s what it is, ”said Oakley. “People want to say, ‘He had a career of 23 and 10 years.’ It’s not just about scoring points. I mean, we gave him the ball 25 times a game, he should score”.

Just like on the basketball court, it is clear that Oakley does not hold back. He is standing behind his criticisms of Ewing.