Charles Oakley has clear ideas about who will be the next HC Knicks

Charles Oakley has a good idea of who the next Knicks manager will be.

Knowing Knicks’ president Leon Rose is Tom Thibodeau’s former agent and that the two have come close, Oakley knows how business works.

Oakley believes that the six-week search and 11 candidates will prove to have been very noisy at all.

“Here it is then,” Oakley told The Post. “They already know it then. You know what I’m saying. That relationship goes a long way. ”

Indeed, sources close to the situation believe that Thibodeau’s ties to Rose will be the deciding factor in getting him the job. However, Kenny Atkinson and Jason Kidd have given Rose a lot to think about.

“I don’t know if he brings Knicks basketball and good quality,” said Oakley. “Having a face from the past could do great things, but a face from the past and not having a winning situation, you don’t want to see it.

“Hopefully whoever the coach is could turn it upside down because fans don’t want to see a face from the past as much as they want to see wins and a competitive team. It won’t happen overnight. They may not be a top 20 this year. There is a lot to do here. “