Bruce Brown responds to Knicks trade rumors

Bruce Brown shared a mutual respect for Tom Thibodeau further intensifying rumors of him potentially heading to the New York Knicks by the February 8 trade deadline.

“Every time we face Thibs I walk up to him and shake his hand, just because of what he’s done,” Brown told Jared Schwartz of the New York Post on Saturday, Jan. 20, before his new team, the Toronto Raptors, lost against the Knicks 126-100. “Nothing but respect for Thibs.”

Brown once again experienced how difficult it is to play against a Thibodeau team. After scoring 15 points on 70% shooting in his Raptors debut in Chicago on Jan. 18, he failed to score double-digits against a Knicks defense, the league’s best in points allowed (100 .9 per game ) since they acquired the former Raptors defenseman. ace OG Anunoby.

Brown struggled to score 8 points on 3-of-8 shooting against Thibodeau’s Knicks. He prefers to play for Thibodeau rather than against him.

“I’m a dog,” Brown told Schwartz. “I play extremely hard on both ends of the court. I can do pretty much whatever Tom Thibodeau needs me to do.”