Bojan Bogdanović signs with Knicks until Julius Randle returns?

The clock is ticking on whether the New York Knicks will make any major moves to improve their roster for a potentially deep playoff run, as the NBA trade deadline expires at 3 PM ET on Thursday.

One of the biggest names left on the trading block is Detroit Pistons veteran Bojan Bogdanović. With Detroit continuing to sit at the bottom of the NBA standings, the 34-year-old is one of their best tradeable assets and could be exactly what the Knicks are looking for in the wake of Julius Randle’s injury.

Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz called the Knicks a “prime landing spot” for Bogdanović, representing one of the few things going right for the dismal Pistons after missing the early parts of the season with calf soreness.

“Though Bojan Bogdanović looked like a solid fit with the Knicks all season, the temporary loss of Julius Randle to a separated shoulder makes this an even better landing spot for the veteran forward,” Swartz writes. “The Knicks are just 15th in three-point accuracy (36.9%) and 14th in three-pointers per game (13.1), areas where Bogdanović would help push them up the league.”

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