Are there Denver Nuggets in Julius Randle’s future?

Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Julius Randle is now a bit of a throwback power and his worth has taken a hit because he didn’t become the kind of Draymond Green player everyone thought he could do with the Lakers. There could be a point where Randle can be a valuable and in return the Knicks a real collaborator.

That place is the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets are one of the best emerging teams in the league and their veteran Paul Millsap is about to become a 36-year-old free agent.

In the past, the Nuggets were rumored to be interested in Randle. It may be wise for them to turn to Randle to get Millsap’s production at a young age and insurance in case the other striker of the Jerami Grant team leaves.

Acquiring Randle would mean that he would come to Denver, he would be asked to score a little, and to bounce a bit just like Millsap, rather than trying to be in the middle of an offense. Looking at Randle’s career output it really isn’t that different from Millsap’s.

The only difference would be that Randle lacks the ideal shooting touch between the three from Millsap, but the Nuggets are a great team for player development and could actually improve Randle’s shooting better than New York. After all, even Millsap didn’t become a 3-point shooter that was playable until after age 26.