Anthony Edwards may be the Knicks’ second overall pick

While the Knicks are looking for a guard point, if the second overall pick lands and LaMelo Ball is off the board, it may be difficult for them to lose the chance to select guard Anthony Edwards from the University of Georgia.

Sure, it might create some training problems alongside RJ Barrett and Kevin Knox, but you’ll worry later. Edwards may be the best player in the 2020 class draft, so if there is an opportunity to select him, you do.

The Georgia freshman was an All-SEC selection from 2019-2020 after averaging 19.1 points on 40.2% shots (29.4% from three), while pulling down 5.2 rebounds, distributing 2.8 assists and sliding 1.3 steals. While Knick fans have fallen in love with Frank Ntilikina’s defensive versatility, Edwards’ mix of size and athleticism make him an excellent candidate to dominate on the defensive side of the ball.

There are some disadvantages in Edwards’ game. He is not a pure marksman, despite being a top scorer. He relies on aggression and athleticism to compensate for his inconsistent shot. He also has a reputation for defending drift and must work at his general effort level.

But according to most of the derisions, Edwards is unlikely to get out of the top picks. This suggests that scouts have a fairly consistent view of his potential as an NBA player. If the Knicks make the second overall choice, they could take the SEC guard to the Big Apple.