Cole Anthony could be a leader in New York

The worst case scenario would give the Knicks the tenth overall choice in the NBA 2020 Draft. A scenario that the most pessimistic fans have already accepted. While the odds are incredibly low to fall by four points, anything can happen. However, if New York lands with the tenth choice, there are still some interesting options that will be available for them.

The Knicks have reportedly done their “homework” on the local product Cole Anthony. Son of ex Knick Greg Anthony, many believed that Cole was destined to be in the top 5 in this year’s draft. But knee surgery while playing in North Carolina frightened many scouts.

Anthony returned to the basketball court after his surgery and played well. He averaged 20 points with 40% shooting (35.7% from three out of 6.4 attempts), taking 5 rebounds and connecting on 4.5 assists, in the eleven games played after the knee surgery. However, some of those good recovery vibes were lost in the conference tournament when he fired 5-20.

While there would certainly be a big debate about whether the Knicks should take the opportunity for Anthony with their lottery pick, especially with other intriguing candidates on the scoreboard, it does offer the potential to be a star in New York.