An NBA trade proposal has the Knicks trading Donte DiVincenzo for $163 million Star

The New York Knicks could trade back their current roster, but the franchise could choose to go star-hunting this NBA offseason. Few players have been linked to the Knicks more than Donovan Mitchell.

The star also admitted that he expected to land with the Knicks before being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. ESPN’s Bobby Marks has put together a potential trade proposal that sees the Knicks finally add Mitchell. The trade camp sends Bojan Bogdanovic, fan favorite Donte DiVencenzo and three first-rounders to the Cavs in exchange for Mitchell.

“Brunson’s play and on-court results since the Anunoby trade have shown that New York does not need to chase the next superstar, unless, of course, a next-level player like Giannis Antetokounmpo becomes available in the future,” he said. Marks explained in a May statement. 23, 2024 story titled “What the offseason landscape looks like for Donovan Mitchell.”

“But let’s play the hypothetical game and analyze what New York could offer if they wanted to explore a trade for Mitchell. New York checks the boxes with draft assets, having 10 marketable records over the next seven years. The Knicks can also swap picks every season,” Marks continued.

“A trade for Bojan Bogdanovic, DiVincenzo and three first-round picks is permissible, but only if Anunoby and Isaiah Hartenstein take less in free agency, or New York finds a third team for Mitchell Robinson.”

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