A Knicks trade targets in 2024 NBA offseason

The rumors about Donovan Mitchell in New York are extremely well established. But Brunson’s rise could put a brake on them. Having two small guards in the starting lineup is not ideal. But a Brunson-Mitchell pairing could be indefensible on the offensive end. The idea of adding Mitchell is especially appealing given the obvious need for a second attacking midfielder. New York struggled to score the ball (or even establish an offense) when Brunson was in the 2024 playoffs. Adding Mitchell would immediately change that.

Mitchell would cost a pretty penny if he actually hit the trade market, which is no guarantee. The Cleveland Cavaliers gave up three unprotected first-round picks, two first-round pick swaps, Lauri Markkanen, Colin Sexton and Ochai Agbaji for Mitchell. It’s unlikely they’ll make that much back, especially since Mitchell is eligible to hit unrestricted free agency in 2025. But adding Mitchell would cost the Knicks most, if not all, of the assets they’re willing to give up, meaning it would mean the team’s final move.

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