Andre Drummond Knicks target: “I am the strongest rebounder of all time”

Ever since he was in the NBA, Andre Drummond has won the rebounds ranking 3 times in a season and is about to conquer the fourth title of this specialty. The current Cleveland Cavaliers center, in fact, during the 2019-2020 season was traveling with an average of 15.2 rebounds per game, with the second, Hassan Whiteside, stopped at 14.2 and too far to try to worry him in the last regular games season on the program.

The former Pistons star in the past few hours has therefore crowned himself the best rebounder ever and seems to be ready to prove it even in the near future despite the criticisms that lately surround him: “I said in the past that when it comes to bouncing I consider myself the strongest ever, and that in my opinion no one even comes close to what I have done in recent years. I don’t care if it’s not true, if someone can think that what I say is wrong: for me it is like that, because I would never choose anyone in my place, when it comes to going bounce. I will always think I’m the best. Then everyone can have their opinion”.

In the past few hours, Andre Drummond has been linked to the Knicks in a possible trade that would also bring Kevin Love to New York.